Sidmouth Lifeboat honours two top supporters

Plaques presented to honour decade of work for Sidmouth Lifeboat by Freddy and Noel

TWO men, who have worked tirelessly over the years for Sidmouth Lifeboat, were awarded plaques – one posthumously – as a thank you, on Friday.

John Fowler, chairman of Sidmouth Lifeboat, presented wooden plaques to Freddy Wedderburn, of Corefields, Sidford, and Jan Brant, daughter of the late Noel Barwick, who established and ran the charity’s supporters group.

A brass plaque, commemorating Noel’s work, will be put up in the lifeboat station on the Esplanade.

Mr Fowler said: “Noel has been instrumental over the last decade or more in the establishment and organisation of the supporters group, who have run the shop and kept the boathouse open as a focal point of communication between us and the public.

“Freddy, over the same period, has been instrumental in providing the funds which have given us today’s organisation.”

He said virtually all that could be seen in the boathouse – a four-man lifeboat, tractor and trailer and other equipment, was only available as a result of Freddy’s fundraising efforts.

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“We honour those efforts and wish him well in his new endeavours – something to do with bridges!”

Freddy’s family had kept the presentation a surprise until the last moment. His wife Jean and daughter Ann also attended.

Freddy said: “Looking back over 10 years I have certainly enjoyed every day of it and I am first to congratulate the people working alongside me.

“We are a team…everybody plays a tremendous part in the success of Sidmouth Lifeboat.”

Flowers were presented to the female family members of Freddy and Noel.