Sidmouth man eats winning �10k Kit Kat bar

Sidmouth man polished off chances of winning top prize in chocolate bar contest - by eating it

WHEN Sidmouth magazine editor Nigel Jones saw red as he bit into a Kit-Kat bar this week, he polished off chances of winning �10,000.

For Nigel had no idea the red cream-filled two finger treat he was eating was one of 10 in circulation worth that amount in a competition run by Nestl�.

Only on Tuesday, when son Pip, 11, told him about the Break and Win contest, did Nigel, from Bennetts Hill, realise the snack bar he had enjoyed was a winner – and by then the bin men had collected the winning wrapper containing a golden ticket, bought from Waitrose.

“When my son pointed out the offer this morning I realised I had eaten a �10,000 Kit Kat,” said Nigel on Tuesday.

“I’m not that bothered about it,” said a phlegmatic Nigel, who edits Sidmouth Diary and a West Country magazine.

“There is no point getting upset about it. It is just one of those things. I’m not going to dwell on it.

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“It is slightly upsetting, but I’m not going to let it get to me. Pip was a bit annoyed with me. He said ‘You fat Dad, you shouldn’t have had that.’”

Nigel said he was a bit baffled when he bit into the bar and discovered the red filling.

“I thought it was a special one because it was red but didn’t realise there was a competition. I must have thrown out the ticket with the pack and the bin man’s been today - such is life.”

A Nestl� spokesman said had Nigel retained the wrapper code he might have won a prize.