Sidmouth marks Women’s World Day of Prayer

Sidmouth joins in world-wide Day of Prayer on Friday, March 4

WOMEN from around the world will celebrate Women’s World Day of Prayer on Friday, March 4.

In Sidmouth, celebrations will take place at All Saints Church at 2.30pm on March 4.

The service is open to all, not just ladies, and is popular and normally well attended.

This year’s service has been written by the women of Chile.

Jean Hackett, president of the national committee of the Women’s World Day of Prayer Movement, said: “This is always an exciting day as a great wave of prayer sweeps the world, beginning when the first service is held in Tonga and continuing around the world until the final service takes place – 35 hours later – in neighbouring Western Samoa.”

By the end, the day will have been celebrated in more than 170 countries with more than 5,000 services held in Britain alone.

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