Sidmouth Museum - last week to enjoy its delights

Much to explore at Sidmouth Museum before its winter closing on Sunday

THIS week is your last chance to enjoy a free visit to Sidmouth Museum, which closes for the winter from Sunday, October 31.

Inside Hope House, next to Sidmouth Parish Church, is a treasure store of interesting artefacts to pore over, as well as special exhibitions, including the arrival of the railways in Sidmouth, together with Regency and Victoriana periods, which made a considerable impact on the development and reputation of the town.

There are boards telling the story of Devon Caravette Company, which converted VW vans into camper vans, and others showing the Sidmouth railway and engine story.

Upstairs the museum celebrates four Fellows of the Royal Society (FRS), with connections to Sidmouth: Ambrose Fleming, Frederick Lindemann, Sidney George Brown and Norman Lockyer, who built the observatory at Salcombe Hill.

A superb geological history of the Jurassic cliffs and landscape is also exhibited, together with a room full of delicate antique lace.

The museum is open until Saturday from 10am to 4pm.