Sidmouth nurse thanks for Tanzania trip donations

Tess Pearce with the Masai tribe

Tess Pearce with the Masai tribe - Credit: Archant

A student nurse from Sidmouth has said she is ‘so grateful’ to everyone who helped her on her way to a placement in Tanzania.

Tess Pearce was the only member of her year to grasp an opportunity that saw her work with local tribes, and in HIV and gynaecology clinics.

She said her time there was variously overwhelming, challenging and difficult as she adjusted to life in the Third World, but she has come away a better, more focused nurse.

“Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my elective and am so grateful for everyone who helped me get there with all the generous donations and support,” said the final year Bournemouth University student.

“I felt privileged I got the opportunity to help in a deprived hospital and I appreciate all the equipment, medication, knowledge and resources we have in England so much more than when I left.

“I feel I have come away a more skilled nurse and I am excited to put my learning into my own practice and, hopefully, be a better nurse for it.”

But Tess said it wasn’t easy seeing people suffering when she could only administer very basic pain relief, and faced having to deliver babies on her own and helping to resuscitate some of them.

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The former head girl at Sidmouth College also became the first student to attend a mobile clinic for the Masai tribe and helped vaccinate those who lived too far away for treatment.

She was given donations of £500 from the Lions Club, Sidmouth Town Council, and a number of residents who responded after she contacted the Herald.

Tess said she definitely wants to nurse abroad again, and is keen to work in a New Zealand in a few years.