Sidmouth PC misses chance to meet town councillors

Sidmouth councillors have to wait a month to meet new town neighbourhood beat manager

RIGIDITY of a new Forcewide police duty scheme, imposed following major reorganisation of the service, prevented Sidmouth’s new town neighbourhood beat manager, PC James Tyrell, from meeting town councillors this week.

Instead of introducing himself at the June monthly meeting on Monday, PC Tyrell had to submit a written report of the May crime figures, but said he hoped to attend the July meeting.

While thefts topped the list with nine various offences and three of shoplifting, there was also an allegation of rape made to Sidmouth officers.

Of the 45 crimes reported, eight were assaults, one was a report of a stalker, another of drug possession and one of arson.

There were five house burglaries, three burglaries at other properties, four cases of criminal damage to cars, two of criminal damage, three thefts of pedal cycles, the theft of a motor vehicle and theft from a boat.

There was also one report by someone who received an offensive text message.