Not even a power cut or a lockdown can come between judging of photo competition

1st DPI - Just Made It

1st DPI - Just Made It - Credit: Mike Hawkridge

Despite having to cancel the first organised photo walk on Mutters Moor in January due to the latest lockdown, organiser Bob Reynolds ARPS found another way of engaging with members. 
To avoid disappointment, he published the same route to walk around the beautiful local landmark and invited members to take their camera while enjoying the fresh air and varied scenery to take images on different themes such as: Vista, Winter and New Beginnings. The images will be collated and shown to the club on February 10.
In another demonstration of positive initiative, respected judge Ian Bateman FRPS was forced to improvise when he experienced a power cut at home just as he was due to officiate Sidmouth Photo Club’s ‘Competition 3’, comprising two prints and one DPI (Digitally projected Image). In the pitch black, Judge Bateman was able to log into the online meeting on his mobile phone and, working from memory of having reviewed the images and coping with occasional signal loss, he provided incisive feedback and marks for all the images, some of which will be found on this page.
Information about Sidmouth Photographic Club’s weekly online meetings and activities can be found at

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