Sidmouth Police get reward for gate find

It’s a fair cop - Sidmouth Police outwit skateboard park vandals

IT’S an open and shut case.

Vandals who nicked a gate at Sidmouth’s Manstone Lane skateboard park, have been outwitted by the town’s boys in blue.

After an off-the-cuff offer of a reward to anyone able to find the missing gate a few weeks ago, Sidmouth Town Council chairman, Councillor Peter Sullivan, is handing over �25 – quite a few coppers – to Sidmouth Police, for a police charity of Sergeant Andy Turner’s choice.

The sergeant reported the return of the metal gate at Monday’s council meeting after it had been removed by vandals for a second time.

PCSO Steve Blanchford-Cox (pictured) found the gate after Mr Sullivan’s appeal and offer of a reward through the Sidmouth Herald.

The chairman hoped youngsters might shed light on what vandals had done with the gate, which stops bikers from using the purpose-built ramps.

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At Monday’s monthly council meeting he said: “Thanks to PCSO Cox he has found it, somewhere in the area, well camouflaged. It is now back in place.”