Sidmouth police launch clampdown on speeding drivers

Rogue motorists hit with fines

SPEEDING motorists are the subject of a police clampdown launched in Sidmouth this week.

Oficers have also been alarmed at the number of drivers who don’t bother to wear a seatbelt and dangerously use mobile phones while behind the wheel.

Four fixed penalty notices were dished out for these offences on Tuesday morning alone, according to Sergeant Andy Turner.

Sgt Turner said his neighbourhood team and a pro-active support unit based in the town will be keeping an eye on roads in the area.

He told the Herald this week: “Officers have been tasked to deal with speeding issues reported by members of the public. As such, this is a warning that police will be engaged in speed checks along the A3052 and certain other roads around Sidmouth. The operation has already commenced and a number of �60 fixed penalty notices have been issued. Drivers also receive three penalty points on their licences.

“We’ve been disappointed to see a number of motorists that still fail to wear a seatbelt and think it necessary to use a mobile phone while driving.

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“Sidmouth hosts a local policing support team whose job it is to deal with community issues like this in a pro-active manner.

“It’s at this time of year when accidents appear to be on the rise due to darker nights and a change in the weather.

“I would urge motorists to reduce their speed accordingly and have some consideration for other road users.”