School steps up safety at road crossing areas

Lollipop lady on patrol near the entrance to Sidmouth Primary School

The school crossing patrol near the entrance to Sidmouth Primary School - Credit: Contributed

Action is being taken to keep children safer as they cross a busy road to get to their primary school. 

A school crossing patrol started outside Sidmouth Primary in Woolbrook Road at the beginning of this educational year, and speeding and unsafe parking near the two school entrances is being tackled. 

Concerns had been raised by a local resident about cars parking near the school crossing area, as they were blocking the view of oncoming motorists, making it hard to see the patrol.

The school has now contacted pupils’ parents asking them not to stop right outside the gates to drop off or pick up their children. 

School head Claire Fegan said: "We are really pleased to have a school crossing patrol in place again after a long gap where we weren't able to recruit anyone for the role.  I know families are really grateful for the comfort of our lollipop lady to help children cross safely, especially those who are a bit older and walk to school themselves. 

"Like many schools, both of our sites have their challenges for parents dropping off and picking up children with nearby parking at a premium.  We continue to encourage those families that can, to walk to school to try and relieve the pressure of this. 

"The Woolbrook site is on a busy stretch of road.  Although our new school crossing patrol is making a big difference already, we would also urge drivers passing at the start and end of the school day to pay particular care to their speed, and remind people not to park in spaces that restrict people being able to see oncoming traffic.  If everyone works together, we can continue to keep the whole school community safe." 

Sidmouth Primary School and the road outside

Sidmouth Primary School and the road outside - Credit: Google Streetview

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Meanwhile the Sidmouth councillor Stuart Hughes, the cabinet member for highways, said extra signs have gone up recently reminding motorists of the 20mph speed limit, and he is looking into putting ‘no loading/unloading’ road markings outside the school to prevent parking during school pick-up and drop-off times. However these can take up to a year to  introduce because of the necessary consultations.