Sidmouth primary youngsters’ ‘incredible’ fireworks fun

CHILDREN at Sidmouth Primary School put on a firework display for their families at the Salcombe Hill scout field last Thursday.

Youngsters from class 1/2S had an ‘incredible time’ watching the bonfire glow and writing their names with giant sparklers and the main event did not disappoint.

Flora Hadfield thought the fireworks were ‘amazing’ and ‘loved it when they where shooting off into the sky’.

Tilly Limbrick said: “It was a freezing cold night, but it was awesome.”

Class teacher Jason Stephens said: “It was worth just seeing a child grow in a matter of moments, starting off petrified of the sparklers and by the end asking for more so he could hold it himself.”

The children wrote letters to the community to see whether they could use the field for the event.

They also used the inspiration of fireworks to write shape poems and made biscuits for the evening to go with hotdogs and soup.

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Sidmouth scouts supported the event.