Sidmouth pupils design blooming beds

St John’s School pupils enjoy task of designing flower bed at Connaught Gardens for Sidmouth in Bloom contest

EACH year, Sidmouth in Bloom invites local schools to design, then plant out a flower bed at Connaught Gardens.

Every year Sharon Chamberlain-Keen, teacher of Geography, Maths and Junior Science to Years Five and Six at St John’s School, Sidmouth, introduces Year Six pupils to the fun of creating such layouts.

Once they have chosen their designs, the Sidmouth in Bloom committee choosing the winning one for pupils to create in plants.

Sharon said: “It’s actually harder than it sounds, because not only do the pupils have to work with different plant heights and colours, but they also have to work out how many plants will be needed, taking into account the various planting distances, and they have to cost their design, keeping it under �75.

“What starts out as a science lesson, considering the needs of plants, quickly turns into exciting combination of science, art, design and maths skills, culminating in the wonderful range of designs in our photographs.”

Other local Sidmouth and Sidbury schools will take part in this project.