Sidmouth RBL chairman flood victim

THE chairman of Sidmouth Royal British Legion has been made homeless, along with his family, after last week s floods in Tipton St John.

THE chairman of Sidmouth Royal British Legion has been made homeless, along with his family, after last week's floods in Tipton St John.

Alan Kershaw, who is awaiting a triple heart bypass, had to be rescued by fire fighters before being taken to hospital in Exeter.

He has since been discharged and the family are in emergency accommodation in the Sid Valley.

Alan and his wife Maxine run Regency Cleaners, Cross Lane, Sidmouth, and are both heavily involved with Sidmouth RBL.

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They and sons Alex and Greg moved to Otterside just weeks ago and have lost all their possessions, many of which were still packed in boxes, said poppy appeal organiser Liz Langham.

"They had not even finished unpacking. We are all in deep shock as to what has happened and are all thinking of them. Anything we can do we will, just let us know."

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She said people had been helping to clear out the "sludge" from their home.

Their predicament has been reported to Devon RBL in Exeter.

John Pentreath, county manager, said: "The county office only heard about Maxine and Alan's plight on Tuesday.

"I'd heard about the flooding but hadn't realised they were part of it.

"I asked the Royal British Legion case worker to get in touch to see what we can do. "We are waiting for the report from the case worker, which will hopefully arrive today (Friday).

"We really to feel for Maxine and Alan and anything we can do to help their plight we will do."

Maxine was at their home on Wednesday with insurance assessors.

She was reluctant to discuss the family's plight, saying: "I'm all over the place at the minute. I don't know if I am coming or going.

"We've had the insurers round to look at the place. It's been a pretty awful time at the minute. It's devastating actually. I can't bear to talk about it too much.

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