Sidmouth Regatta - new organisers wanted

After 22 years at helm, Sidmouth Regatta organisers want to find successors

HAVING organised Sidmouth Regatta for more than 20 years, Keith Knight and Oliver Salter are looking for others to carry on the tradition.

And, they warn, if successors are not found, there may not be a regatta in 2012.

Oliver, who works for Challice Architects Ltd., Sidmouth, said: “We have been doing it for 22 years. Someone else needs to come and do it.”

The duo, both members of Sidmouth Sailing Club, revived Sidmouth Regatta at the end of the 80s after a long gap without one.

Oliver, the sailing club’s president, said: “Sidmouth had a regatta years ago, then there was a big gap of 10 or 15 years when there wasn’t one.”

He said the organisers had to find around �2,500 to fund the firework display from within the community and local businesses as well as book road closures and events for the weekend.

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“If someone comes along we will help them to do it, we have not said for definite we are not doing it, but we can’t carry on forever. Hopefully someone will come along and do it.”

Oliver would be pleased to hear from volunteers on (01395) 515820.