Sidmouth residents’ anger over car parking


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The parking of ‘inconsiderate drivers’ outside a block of Sidmouth apartments is an ‘accident waiting to happen’.

The problem has been highlighted by scores of residents on Streetlife.

Among them was Clare J, who said drivers frequently blocked the entrance to the Belvedere Court driveway, off Hillside Road, making it difficult for cars to come and go. She said emergency vehicles would find it ‘almost impossible’ to gain access to the 17 apartments.

“It is an accident waiting to happen when cars attempt to exit the driveway from this building,” said Clare J.

Cathy G said they needed yellow lines, for approximately six foot either side, while Hibou suggested a white line with two end stops would be good. It would not need the lengthy process yellow lines took to put in place.

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“The white ‘double T’ may not have the same legal status as yellow lines, but it does make people think before parking on it. And it’s so easy to do,” he said.

Lisa L, a Hillside Road resident, said she was equally frustrated with people abandoning their cars in the road without checking if they had obstructed a driveway. She added: “There seems to be no consideration to the owners of the driveways as their only priority is to clock into work, pleased with themselves they have found a spot in town to park all day without paying for it, regardless of the fact they have penned someone in their residence for the duration.”

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Real Sidmouthian said it was a result of the town’s wider parking issues, adding: “Provisions have to be made for parking in town as well as on the outskirts... Some people will never do anything other than park in the town.”

Sgt Andy Squires said they had limited legal powers in these situations as police guidance stated if a private driveway was blocked and someone wanted to access it from a public road, it was ‘not an obstruction’ as it was not a ‘public place’.

But, if someone had been blocked in on their driveway and could not get onto a public road, it was an obstruction.

He added the fire service regularly visited problem areas with an appliance to test if their vehicles could get through, something Hillside Road residents could enquire about.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, responsible for highways, said their enforcement officers did not have the powers to deal with obstructions, including parking on pavements, but Sidmouth’s overall traffic management plan was under way.

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