Sidmouth’s Nick wows America’s Got Talent

DAREDEVIL juggler and acrobat Nick Pike showed America that Sidmouth’s got talent enough to export- by beating 70,000 competitors to the quarter finals of one the USA’s biggest television shows.

The born and bred Sidmothian wowed America’s Got Talent judges Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne and millions of stateside viewers with danger-fuelled flaming antics as he bid to land a $1million prize.

Nick, who’s family home is in Peaslands Road, looked sharp juggling knives, meat cleavers and flaming batons- he even took on a world first stunt.

The 30-year-old’s ‘once in a lifetime’ journey ended in Las Vegas on Tuesday when a public vote saw him eliminated him from the competition.

“I am extremely proud to have made it so far,” said Nick, who discovered his passion for juggling as an 11-year-old at Sidmouth Folkweek.

“Even though my goal was to make it to the top 48 contestants, I think I even surprised myself. I have no regrets, I achieved what I set out to do and then some,” he told the Herald.

Nick, whose routines mix danger, juggling and acrobatics with comedy and audience interaction, said his feats on America’s Got Talent were the most dangerous he’d ever done.

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Former Sidmouth College student’s swansong live routine saw him flip from a seven feet high platform, summersault through a blazing fire hoop, ride a flaming unicycle while juggling burning batons, then set himself alight.

“The fire and danger was definitely real, I’ve singed every hair on my body and my eyelashes are half the length they were. In rehearsal I had too many close calls to talk about,” he said

“I was extremely happy to pull of a clean routine and not end up in hospital with third degree burns.”

The stunt that edged Nick into the last 48 saw him walk blindfolded and barefoot across broken, kerosene-soaked glass while juggling fire and meat-cleavers- a world first.

Proud parents Lynn and Graham defied an eight hour time delay to follow his progress from their Peaslands Road home.

Nick praised Sidmouth College head of drama Angela Davis, adding: “without her I wouldn’t have become a performer in the first place.”

“Growing up in Sidmouth gave me the chance to live such a great, happy and fulfilling life. I love coming home to visit and wish I could spend more time there.”

Nick and wife Erica live Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and are expecting their first child.

“I didn’t win, but I am now back with my million dollar prize- my amazing wife and soon to be new born child,” he said.