Sidmouth scaffolder signs up for REME

Dexter to train as metalsmith with REME after signing up

FORMER Sidmouth College student, Dexter Vittles, is one of five East Devon men to sign up with the Army recently.

Dexter, 23, from Manstone Avenue, Sidmouth, is pictured at the signing in ceremony and has now gone for his 14 week training at Bassingbourn.

If he gets through this he will undertake 42 weeks training as a metalsmith with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

“The first 14 weeks is hell,” said mum Debbie Baker. “Dexter has been working since he was 16, his last job was as a scaffolder. He decided it was time to do something more positive and try for a career in REME.”

In regular phone contact, she said Dexter was enjoying his training “at the moment.

“I am very proud of him. He wants to make a real go of it,” said Debbie, who has a younger son Ethan, 21.

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Because Dexter has a lot to learn to be a metalsmith, he will spend nearly a year qualifying. Then he will be ready to undertake anything from making tools and mending vehicles, to building bridges.