Sidmouth school evacuated after fire scare

Alarm was set of accidentally - 330 kids fled building

HUNDREDS of children were evacuated from Sidmouth Primary School - when a fire alarm was triggered accidentally.

Town firefighters raced to the school’s Woolbrook Road site at around 10.30am last Friday.

It transpired a person had unknowingly caused the scare.

Around 330 youngsters were evacuated within minutes of the alarm sounding.

“It was a pure accident, someone had knocked one of the fire checkpoints and didn’t even know they’d done it,” said Sidmouth Primary headteacher Paul Walker.

“As the fire alarm went off, we had to evacuate.

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“Because we didn’t know what it was, we had to call the fire brigade just to be sure.

“The children were extremely well behaved. The fire brigade complimented us on our procedure. Everyone was evacuated in a couple of minutes.”