Sidmouth science festival ready to go

A final grant has been received which means that the first ever Sidmouth Science Festival, offering the chance to try out gold panning or to meet Einstein, is ready to go ahead.

The Co-operative Community Fund donated �1000 to the cause, set for October 16 to 21.

Their grant, along with that from the Keith Owen Fund, Sidmouth Town Council and the AONB Sustainable Development Fund, “enables us to put it on as we like,” explained festival organiser, David Bramley.

Highlights include a town Science Trail, a forensic science workshop, the chance to meet Darwin, and to hear a talk by an expert on the science of rock music.

Mr Bramley, an engineer and chair of the Vision Group, said the event hoped to get young people interested in science to allow them to make informed decisions in life.

He said: “I’m very pleased that we will have local schools involved and will be displaying their work.

“It’s all about making science fun and interesting and we hope there will be something for everyone.”

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Most activities are free and the event headquarters is at Kennaway House.

For information go to

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