Sidmouth seafront stood still for special snap

SEAFRONT residents and visitors got a surprise early last Thursday morning when more than 70 tradespeople and a fleet of 51 vehicles brought The Esplanade to a standstill.

And this special snap - organised to mark the 125th anniversary of one of the Sidmouth’s biggest employers- was the result.

Skinner Construction bosses asked photographer Iain Burns to help celebrate the landmark by taking a group shot with a difference.

The bid saw scores of Skinner employees- and vehicles- gather at The Ham at 7.30am last Thursday.

“When I saw those vans in the car park I realised we’re a flipping big firm!” said Skinner chairman Colin Mayor, 79, who bought the business in 1961.

Glen Road resident Iain then had the task of organising a challenging photo.

“It was quite a quick operation,” he said. “Within 45 minutes I had every single one in place.

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“Hotel residents were stood looking out the window in their dressing gowns.”

Iain even got pal Guy Bennett to pose as a mock traffic warden to surprise the fleet of parked vehicles.

l Skinner celebrates 125 years. Turn to page 17.