Sidmouth set for ‘solar panel day’

A SOLAR panels open day, organised by the Sid Valley Energy Action Group (SVEAG) will take place next Saturday, October 8.

The event offers townsfolk the chance to visit homes in the area where SVEAG members have already installed panels to save money and cut their carbon footprints.

As well as seeing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels which generate electricity, featured in last week’s Herald, it will also be possible to view solar thermal installations making great savings in the cost of heating water.

Panels can be fitted to a variety of types of roof.

SVEAG organisers hope visits will help to answer such questions as :

• How do solar panels work?

• Is my roof suitable?

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• How much do they cost and what return on investment can I expect?

• What about planning permission and building control

• How to choose the right installer and questions to ask.

Anyone wishing to register to visit an ‘open house’ on October 8 – or on another date by mutual arrangement- call Jackie Green on (01395) 578089 or Derek Chant (01395) 516655.