Sidmouth slimmers shed 531 stone in a year

Greame Bernard, Jon Borowik, Cara Shepherd, Stephanie Downing, Anne Bishop and Katie Hallett take pa

Greame Bernard, Jon Borowik, Cara Shepherd, Stephanie Downing, Anne Bishop and Katie Hallett take part in the Boxing Day swim. - Credit: Archant

Slimming World members showed off their new found confidence and weight loss by taking part in the Boxing Day Swim.

Across Sidmouth’s five groups, more than 150 members have shed 531 stone in 2014, losing 100 more stone than in 2013; the weight loss is the equivalent to five Mini Coopers.

Jon Borowik said: “We have added an extra group in Sidmouth so there is more opportunity for people to lose weight.”

Jon was joined by fellow consultant Cara Shepherd and members Anne Bishop, Graeme Bernard, and Stephanie Downing for the swim.

The group has collectively lost 31 stone throughout the year.

Jon said: “Each week, it inspires other people to lose weight, and by doing the swim, we wanted to do something to show they have the confidence to do something.

“There are extra layers to it - they are not doing it to just lose weight, they are gaining confidence through the group support.”

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“It is such a nice feeling when someone walks in the door who is very shy and introvert and after a few weeks or months they start to come out of their shell.”

The slimmers are approaching the new year with a range of activities including the Rock Solid obstacle course at Escot Park and the Boxing Day Swim in 2015.

Jon said: “At Slimming World there is never any shame to gain. We know that people are busy over the Christmas period and we know that they will get back on track in January and February.”

A meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 7, at Stowford Rise at 9.15am.

For more pictures of the Sidmouth Boxing Day Swim see our spread on pages 18 to 23.

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