Sidmouth smokers urged to ditch roll-ups

Valentine’s Day campaign raises awareness of hand-rolled tobacco harm

SIDMOUTH smokers and others across Devon are being urged to end their love affair with smoking roll-ups.

Valentine’s Day was chosen to launch a national campaign to raise awareness of the harm of using hand-rolled tobacco.

According to Smokefree South West, one in three smokers in the region regularly use roll-ups – the highest rate in the country.

Dr Virginia Pearson, NHS Devon’s director of public health, said: “Many people think that smoking hand-rolled cigarettes is less dangerous than smoking manufactured ones, but in fact roll-ups are just as, if not more dangerous than manufactured cigarettes.

“The amount of nicotine and tar is usually higher in roll-ups than pre-made cigarettes, making them potentially more addictive and more dangerous.”

She said people were four times more likely to stop smoking with NHS support.

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You can contact NHS Devon’s stop smoking service on or (01884) 836 024.

*Roll-ups contain around 4,000 chemicals, many of them toxic carcinogens such as cyanide, ammonia and arsenic.