Consuelo hopes her pop song will become a Christmas classic

Songwriter Consuelo at the piano

Songwriter Consuelo Cordey playing the song on her piano - Credit: Consuelo Cordey

A Sidmouth songwriter has produced a Christmas pop record that she hopes will ‘bring joy to people’ after the misery of the Covid pandemic. 

Consuelo Cordey will release her song Santa are you almost on your way? on Wednesday, December 8. 

Consuelo told the Herald she embarked on the project to give herself a new challenge and allow her to learn new techniques to keep developing as a songwriter. 

She does not sing on the track herself, feeling that her voice is not strong enough for the pop style, so she hired session musicians. 

In a short film she has made about the creation of the song, she reveals that the idea for the melody first came to her back in August 2006 when she was in Cornwall. She recorded herself singing the tune and returned to it when she decided to write a Christmas classic. 

She told the Herald: “The song is warm and humorous so can appeal to the mainstream public of any age.  

“The lyrics are inclusive, non-religious, so the song can appeal to people of all cultures and backgrounds. Also, there are no particular traditions mentioned in the imagery used, so the song can appeal to people of any country.  

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“This is the intention I had when creating the song as I wanted everybody to enjoy it.” 

She said she had hoped to get her song placed on TV and film, but when that didn’t happen, she decided to release it herself: “After the past two years we've all had with the pandemic, by releasing the song I am hoping to bring joy to people, as it is a jolly song that people would enjoy singing and dancing to. There are people that love listening to the classics, but there are also people who dread going into shops to be bombarded by the same tunes, so I am hoping that some publicity will attract the right people in the industry to help me make this song one of the future new classic Christmas songs.” 

The song will be available from the major digital outlets and via Consuelo's website.

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