View from the classroom as schools are full again

Pupils at St John's School enjoyed meeting classmates this week

Pupils at St John's School enjoyed meeting classmates this week - Credit: St John's School

Young people at St John’s School in Sidmouth have embraced the return to the classroom this week – and have shared their impressions with the Sidmouth Herald.

St John’s is a co-educational independent school , providing education for 2-16 year olds. Currently it has around 120 day students on the roll with international boarders set to return in September 2021.

Head of PE Jenni Yeoman said: “We have been open throughout lockdown to children of critical and key workers but have been so pleased to welcome all students back for face to face teaching this week.”

Hugh (Year 3) said: “I'm really excited to be coming back to school. Learning at home was not as fun as lessons in school. I missed my friends and having lessons with my teachers. I can't wait to have PE lessons again as I don’t have a big garden to run around in.”

Isobel (Year 5) said: “ I felt really excited and a little bit nervous on Monday morning, I wanted to get back to see my friends. During lockdown I missed the teachers and my friends, I am looking forward to getting back to swimming club at school.”

Amelie (Year 6) said: “Monday morning I was a little bit nervous because we had a new student in our class, I was also worried about not being able to remember some of the subjects. I have mostly been looking forward to seeing my friends and playing games again. At home I wasn’t able to get out and socialise, I’ve only seen my immediate family for roughly three months. I am excited to be back and doing clubs and learning new things.”

Eva (Year 7) said: “Before I came to school on Monday, I was really nervous because I wasn’t sure what it would be like. However, by the time I got on the bus it felt like the normal routine again. When I got in I did my first Covid test, thankfully it wasn’t as bad

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 as I thought it was going to be. I’m looking forward to drama and swimming lessons again because these are the ones I’ve really missed over the past few months.”

Dominic (Year 8) said: “Lockdown was really tough, I didn’t enjoy homeschooling at all, mainly because my mum was also working from home and the lack of space was frustrating. I did however like the fact that I could have snacks whenever I liked, adjusting to the routine of school is going to be tricky in that respect. Before Monday I felt really excited but also unsure about what rules we’d have to follow and whether these would be different. The first day back went really quickly, it was good to see my friends again. The thing that I am most looking forward to is PE and getting back to physical activity, I feel the competitive part of that I have missed the most.”

Flo (Year 9) “On Monday morning, I felt anxious about coming back. I thought it may feel really strange. It was odd at first, but really nice to be able to talk to people and have proper lessons again. It was a lot harder to do lessons online, if I got stuck

 with something it was more difficult to get explanations because you have to email whereas in lessons you can speak to the teachers straight away.”

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