Sidmouth store beats them all

WHEN it comes to giving customer service, there is no-one better than the team at Sidmouth s Holland & Barrett store – and that s official.

WHEN it comes to giving customer service, there is no-one better than the team at Sidmouth's Holland & Barrett store - and that's official.

Nicky Simpson, manageress at the Fore Street shop, is still reeling from news that she and her team have beaten a Knightsbridge branch to the title of top UK branch in the company.

"I am still in shock and really excited," said Nicky, 21, who has been manageress of the Sidmouth shop for just one of the two years she has worked there.

She and her staff - Lucy Hilder, Kim Broe-Ward and Alice McGurran, were assessed on customer service as well as performance and sales.

She said: "I am really chuffed, this is a huge achievement for us all. I put everything I had to try to win the competition as I knew Sidmouth had a lot of potential. To win was the cherry on top of the cake. It is nice to put Sidmouth on the map."

With competition from two other health food shops in town, Nicky puts their win down to a good team and loyal customers.

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"I have a good, solid team. We work very well together. Everyone comments there is a really good atmosphere in here and a lot of customers have written to head office giving good feedback.

As a reward for winning the title, Nicky gets to take over the role of company executive officer for three days at the end of the month at its head office in Warwickshire.

"I will be going around different departments suggesting things and will have full control of the company. I am just going to be myself and enjoy the experience.