Sidmouth store’s coffee shop wins silver in Taste of West

Fields of Sidmouth retains its silver status for coffee shop in Taste of the West awards

FIELDS of Sidmouth is delighted to be the only known department store with an award-winning coffee shop.

Staff are thrilled to have maintained their award for a second year running, this year achieving silver status in this year’s Taste of the West awards, writes Annie Wallace.

The popular Market Place shop’s Coffee Shop, now joins Brown’s Bistro to become the second business in Sidmouth to win an award for 2011.

Claire Jenkins, promotion and marketing manager proudly told the Sidmouth Herald: “We are very pleased to have won an award again. Belonging to Taste of the West gives our coffee shop credibility.”

Claire stressed the importance of having satisfied, loyal customers.

“A couple told me yesterday that they have been coming here for 17 years and they don’t think anyone matches our standards.”

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