Sidmouth store showcases Mandi’s unique designs

Interior designer launches her range in Sidmouth and receives many compliments

WHEN she was eight, Mandi Crump re-arranged the furniture in her bedroom every fortnight and made collage wallpaper from magazines.

So it’s no wonder that now, at 29, Mandi has launched her own eclectic range of soft furnishings, furniture and other weird and wonderful items for the home.

Liverpool-born Mandi, has been given the chance to display some of her handiwork in one of the windows of Pure Indulgence in Sidmouth’s High Street.

Owner Steven Kendall Torry said: “Mandi had been in the shop a few times and dropped a few hints and while the opportunity was there between Christmas and the new season to give her a chance.”

With cushions, chairs and other items on show, her work has received many compliments, he added.

“We have sold a few bits and bobs for her but it is more for her to test the water really, before she goes global.”

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Mandi has formed her own business, Mandy Jane, to showcase her designs and work on the Internet.

After completing a BA Ceramics degree in Cardiff, she went to work in a Brighton art gallery before heading for London to pursue her dream of working in home interiors.

She worked for a fabric house in their Knightsbridge showroom and was able to design and create unique front window and showroom displays for London and international showrooms.

She went on to design soft furnishings for the company and this sparked a desire to set up her own business, so she moved to live with her parents in Sidmouth to realise her dream “and take over their garage!”

Mandi, who works part-time at Sidmouth Design Company, said Steven had given her her first chance to showcase her work in the town.

She sources fabrics from India and hand-finishes cushions made for her, including a popular Union Jack design with Kate on it.

*You can see Mandi’s designs at