Sidmouth strangers make terminally ill mum’s wedding dream come true

KIND-HEARTED complete strangers from Sidmouth helped a young mum with incurable cancer realise her wedding dream.

Newlyweds Naomi and Graham Thomas say words can’t describe their gratitude for the support they were given by good-natured Herald readers who took them to their hearts.

The generosity of an events planner, a mystery benefactor known only as “Mary Poppins”, and several businesses from the town all played a crucial part seeing the couple tie the knot.

“We never in our wildest dreams thought we could ever have such an amazing wedding,” said Naomi, 29.

“There are no words strong enough to explain how grateful we are to all those involved, but I hope they know that the day meant so much to us.

“Having these memories will help my family and friends to have some comfort when I am no longer here.

“Being Graham’s wife means the world to me, however long we may or may not get together.”

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Former Sidmouth College student Naomi, whose family home is in Manstone Avenue, reserved special praise for Bennetts Hill resident Sam Williams.

Sam, who runs Perfectly Planned Events, dedicated her time to organising the wedding for nothing after reading how Naomi was once forced to cancel her special day due to her illness.

The pair had never met before.

“Mary Poppins”, who wants to keep her real identity a secret, made a crucial donation which paid the deposit for the wedding venue.

Naomi hopes to meet “Mary” for the first time when they are both next in Sidmouth.

She added: “Without Sam and “Mary” there is no way we’d have been able to get married.

“It wasn’t just the financial burden of a wedding, but the time and energy it would take to organise it.”

Naomi and Graham tied the knot at St Audries Park in Somerset in front of emotional friends and family – including their 22-month-old son Devon.

“For Graham and I to finally be husband and wife was something a few we only dared dream about just months ago,” said Naomi.

“We owe it all to Sam for taking on this project and to all the people who donated money or their time and talents to make it the perfect day.”

? Sidmouth businesses that helped with the wedding included Lydia Baker, of Willow Photographic Studio, Sharon Charmers who did calligraphy, Rachel Sherlock, of Rachel Sherlock Photography, and Retail Therapy.

Charity Dream-A-Way handed the couple a honeymoon in Egypt.

The Karen Trust also made a donation.

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