Sidmouth student showcases her artwork at prestigious London exhibition

Erica Liffen PICTURE: Erica Liffen

Erica Liffen PICTURE: Erica Liffen - Credit: PICTURE: Erica Liffen

The Arts Society in the South West of England has selected a Sidmouth student to showcase her artwork at the prestigious RBA Star Student Exhibition this spring.

Erica Liffen PICTURE: Erica Liffen

Erica Liffen PICTURE: Erica Liffen - Credit: PICTURE: Erica Liffen

The artwork from talented student, Erica Liften, featured in a display at the Mall Galleries and is currently on display at the Royal Over-Seas League in London

The exhibition was housed initially at The Mall Galleries for ten days in February and will be on display at the Royal Over-Seas League until April 19.

Erica's drawing 'Disappearing World: Forests' will be presented alongside exceptional pieces of artwork from 40 other students from across the UK.

The collection will give the public a glimpse into the future of fine art and will enable aspiring young artists an opportunity to demonstrate their high levels of artistic skill.

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Naturally, Erica is thrilled to have her work showcased at such a prestigious exhibition.

She said: 'When I was told my artwork was going to be exhibited in London, I was extremely happy, but also shocked. I never thought that I would be able to have an opportunity like this'.

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She added: 'I am very grateful that the Arts Society took a liking to my work.'

Erica's artwork aims to show the effects of climate change and how it impacts the environment, animals and eco-systems.

When asked what inspired her to create her exhibited piece, she said: 'The habitats that are being destroyed by our earth's natural process and human contributions inspired me to draw Disappearing World: Forests.'

Her picture shows a deteriorating succulent which is meant to represent deforestation.

She said: 'I hope my artwork brings attention to the global problem of climate change and encourages people to help alter the rate our earth is heating up by reducing activities that make the biggest impact.'

Erica likes to create pieces from real-life references such as still life or from personal photographs.

Her favourite mediums are biro, acrylic and watercolour paints, although she likes to experiment with other artwork forms.

The RBA Star Student Exhibition is at the Royal Over-Seas League in London until April 19.

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