Sidmouth teen fined for 'blatant disregard' of ASBO

A SIDMOUTH teen has appeared in court for breaching conditions of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order

A SIDMOUTH teen has appeared in court for breaching conditions of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order

Paul Smith, 19, of Lymebourne Park, pleaded guilty to four breaches of a two-year ASBO which magistrates imposed on him in August 2008.

The court, sitting at Central Devon Magistrates' on Tuesday, heard that Smith was caught drinking alcohol in public on October 16- contrary to a condition of his ASBO.

Alison Jordan, prosecuting, told the court that officers approached a group of youths on Cathedral Green, Exeter, and found Smith drinking a two-litre bottle of cider, which only had "three inches" of alcohol left in it.

She said that Smith was also seen associating with Ibrahim Jabri in public on three occasions- another breach of his ASBO conditions.

Magistrates heard that Smith was spotted with Jabri by security guards in the Guildhall Shopping Centre in Exeter on October 9 and 13, and by police on foot patrol in the city on October 14.

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In mitigation, Warren Robinson, told the court that Smith's last "substantial offence", bar the breaches of his ASBO, was an assault in August 2008 and this year had been a "relative success for him".

Mr Robinson added: "He is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but is more stabilised than in the past."

The court heard that Smith is currently living with his grandmother in Sidmouth but is due to move to accommodation in St Davids, Exeter, on Monday.

Mr Robinson said although Smith had recently been interviewed for a job at a Sidmouth garage, the fact he was moving from the town would be helpful to his rehabilitation.

He added: "The local Sidmouth community perceived him and Jabri as two boys who always got up to no good together."

Mr Robinson told the court that Smith and Jabri now have a "more sensible relationship" and the defendant is a "young man who is moving on".

Smith was ordered to pay a �100 penalty charge plus a �15 victim surcharge.

Carol Maden, chief magistrate, said: "There was blatant disregard to the ASBO order, however you did not cause alarm or distress to others.

"You understand that the ASBO is still in place and you must abide by it.