Sidmouth to get another say on future vision

SIDMOUTH will be consulted one last time before the district council finalises a blueprint for the future of East Devon for the next 15 years.

A proposed five hectares of employment land for the town were last week described as ‘a loose end that needs tying up’ by the authority.

East Devon District Council’s (EDDC) Local Plan Panel met on Tuesday to consider feedback from a public consultation.

Members agreed some “sandpaper and polish” was needed to finish the plan.

They noted consultation feedback and asked officers to incorporate some recommendations into a new version of the Local Plan.

Members also wanted further work done with individual town councils.

The proposal also proposes 150 new homes for Sidmouth.

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Councillor Mike Allen, Local Plan Panel chairman, said: “This new planning blueprint is about protecting what’s best about the outstanding East Devon environment and delivering proportionate growth for us to both live and work in the district. We must plan ahead for the needs of our youngsters going through the education system and who want to stay here.”

An amended version of the draft Local Plan will be discussed at the panel’s next meeting on March 20 - after which time there will be a further period of consultation.

The plan will then go to EDDC’s Development Management Committee and, in June or July, to the full council for endorsement before submission to Government.