Sidmouth tulip tree has TPO

Beware slippery leaves on Sidmouth pavements

WITH autumn comes the dangers of fallen leaves on our pavements, which can be slippery when wet, although fun to kick up when dry.

Diana East, a member of Sidmouth’s civic arboretum project committee, writes: “There have been some brilliant yellow colours in the leaves, not least on a magnificent tulip tree on Salcombe Hill Road.

“The leaves are a distinctive squarish shape, which turn butter yellow in autumn. It looked so good this week, just before the leaves all blew away, especially with deep red maples near by.

“This tree is subject to a Tree Preservation Order, so that signifies something special. It will be added to the Chamber of Commerce civic arboretum project database.”

She said Joan Tudor has admired this tulip tree (Liriodendron) over the past 23 years, as it has developed its numerous thick trunks.

Its gets its name from the tulip-shaped pale yellowy green flowers high up in the canopy in the summer, and these usually only appear in locations with a favourable climate, such as Sidmouth.

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