Sidmouth TV twins beat cyber bullies

Double degree delight for duo after Take Me Out ordeal

TWINS who were lambasted as ‘dumb blondes’ after they starred on a hit television dating show have defied cruel cyber bullies by scoring first class university degrees.

Identical Sam and Cat Wilkinson, 21, were inundated with hurtful jibes like ‘they don’t have a brain cell between them’ after appearing on prime-time ITV series Take Me Out earlier this year.

But the Sidmouth sisters this week proved they’ve got brains to match their bubbly personalities as they graduated with top-class honours.

“There was no way we’d allow ourselves to come out with anything less,” they told the Herald.

The pair, affectionately known as SamCat, already share perfect A-level results.

Summerfield duo Sam and Cat went dateless for the entire series- rejected by a total of 52 men for 14 weeks straight- on the hit Saturday night programme, hosted by Paddy McGuiness, and claimed producers portrayed them as ‘freaks’.

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They were ridiculed as ‘stupid’ and ‘dim-witted’ on the internet after being made to sport wacky matching hairstyles and outfits.

“People said things like ‘the twins should get from behind their podiums and get an education’, ‘they don’t have a brain cell between them’, and ‘as if the twins from Take Me Out go to university – thank god the tuition fees are going up’”, said geography graduate Sam.

“Comments were very hurtful,” added fashion ace Cat.

“Some viewers were quick to confuse our energetic personalities with a lack of intelligence.

“The online bullying only made us more determined to be successful in our studies,” she added.

Sam, who studied at the University of Manchester, was handed a top award for outstanding achievement in geography.

Cat, who read fashion and brand management at the University of Central Lancashire, saw her dissertation nominated for a prestigious gong.

She’s also been offered a masters degree scholarship of excellence.

The twins took three weeks off of university to film Take Me Out in November last year- but spent every spare second reading and working on essays while at the studios.

The girls thanked more than 1,000 supporters who joined a Facebook group dedicated to them.

ITV said in April its was a ‘shame’ the girls were unhappy but producers aimed to get everyone a date.