Sidmouth Twinning Circle enjoyed a fondue evening and other news

Around 34 members of the Sidmouth Twinning Circle enjoyed a fondue evening at St John’s Hall. Read this and more.

UNWANTED FORTUNE: Cash-strapped Sidmouth residents need step no further than their own front doorsteps to tap into a wealth of unknown funds.

Forget a couple of pennies tucked behind the sofa, the average household in the South West has �1,050 worth of unwanted items hiding away in cupboards and lurking under beds, new research from eBay reveals.

In these times of austerity, savvy Brits can convert their cast-offs into cash, with the average home containing around 28 unwanted items.

Surprisingly, research has found that comics are the number one most-hoarded item in the UK. Handbags, porcelain collectables, mobile phones and football memorabilia also make up the top 10 most hoarded items in the UK.

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CHEESY EVENT: Around 34 members of the Sidmouth Twinning Circle enjoyed a fondue evening at St John’s Hall.

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Christine Bull, social secretary, and members of the committee organised a cheese fondue with crudit�s, followed by a pudding of apple cake and cinnamon tea.

They had been able to hone their cheese cooking skills and pick up tips from the the Swiss tutors who accompanied the Swiss students to Sidmouth College last month.

Funds raised from the evening will go towards hosting an anticipated visit from the Twinning Association of Le Locle in September 2013.

Anyone interested in joining the Twinning Circle should call Christine on 01395 515434 or Judi on 01395 577585.

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