Sidmouth twins born day apart

Separate birthdays for twins born to Sidmouth couple

MEET twins Phoebe and Joshua who were born a day apart.

The two-week-old babies, sleeping happily in the arms of parents Tom and Sally Willey of Livonia Road, Sidmouth, watched by big sisters Lia, four, and Josie, three, have separate birthdays after being born either side of midnight.

“I’m going to have to make sure they have separate birthday parties,” said Sally, who delivered Phoebe naturally on March 22.

“She was 6lb 4oz, but he was 7lb 1oz and just wouldn’t come, so two hours later, just after midnight on March 23, I had to have a C-section, which was a double whammy, but they are both healthy and that is the main thing.”

The twins’ first outing was to Good Friday’s hot cross bun giveaway, which the couple have taken Lia and Josie to before.

“They just slept the whole while,” said Sally. “We were tempted to claim their hot cross buns for ourselves but we didn’t.

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Although there have been no instances of twins in previous generations of her family, Sally’s sister, Emma, who lives in the North of England, also had twins and Sally knew she was carrying twins at her 12-week scan.

“Our little girls just love it, they are so hands on with them,” she added.