Sidmouth walkies prompts diary

Dog lover Joanne writes dog walking diary for Harry’s owner

DOG lover Joanne Hall loves walking Harry the Westie so much, she writes a diary for his owner.

Joanne, 43, who volunteered to exercise Harry, 11, while owner Sharon Lupu manages Sidmouth’s Cancer Research UK shop, has written the daily diary through the eyes of her four-legged charge, describing for Sharon what he gets up to each morning.

On one day last week, Joanne, who recently returned from living and working in Singapore as a human resources management consultant, “specialising in change and talent management”, penned this entry after taking Harry along Sidmouth beach:

Friday: “Hello Mummy - core, it was a bit breazy today Mummy! We went to the Byes and the beach today - I love the Byes Mummy as I meet all my doggy friends - and when we went to the beach, I got to sniff all the new smells that had been washed up from the night before - I was in heaven Mummy!

I know you said I have to wash myself from now on, but I had a bit of difficulty the other evening after jumping into the river at the Byes....sorry Mummy! H x”

On Friday she handed over the diary to Sharon, who has had Harry since he was a puppy.

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Sharon, who lives in Church Lane, said: “I had no idea Joanne was going to do this, it was quite a shock. She offered to walk Harry and takes him out every day. She is very sweet and Harry is very happy those days.”

Joanne, who is living in Sidmouth while job hunting, said: “He amazes me what he does. He is such a lovely character, he gives out what he is feeling, what he likes and doesn’t like.

“I don’t have a dog, but if I could I would. This is my way of having a dog and it’s lovely to do a favour for a friend.”

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