Sidmouth woman to live on rice and beans to raise awareness

Angie Carney ready for her Mean Bean Challenge.

Angie Carney ready for her Mean Bean Challenge. - Credit: Archant

A Sidmouth woman will spend next week living on nothing but rice and beans to experience what life is like to be one of millions of starving people across the world.

Angie Carney (pictured) will be taking on the Mean Bean Challenge in a bid to raise awareness of those who would consider themselves lucky to have anything to eat at all - let alone a choice about their food.

From Monday to Friday, Angie, who is a member of the Sidmouth Prayer Room, will be eating a bowl of porridge for breakfast followed by two small potions of rice and beans.

She said: “I think it changes the way you think about how privileged you are.

“When you experience a tiny bit of what it is like for somebody to be hungry - and have no choice about what they eat - it has more of an impact.

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“We have so much choice in what we eat and there are more than one billion people across the world who do not have anything.

“Beans and rice for them would be a privilege and a treat – they have no choice in what they eat.”

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Angie is also trying to raise £500 for Tearfund, which has been driving the Mean Bean Challenge.

The money will go towards helping people affected by extreme poverty. For every £5 donated, a child could have a nutritious meal every day for a month.

Angie said: “They are just trying to stay alive - they eat to stay alive while we eat for pleasure.”

She added she would like to encourage others to raise awareness and try something similar – even if it was just for one evening or even a day.

Residents have also been invited to a beans and rice supper tonight (Friday) at the Sidmouth Prayer Room, Holmdale, from 7pm.

The meal will be made up of beans, rice and anything which can be foraged. There will be water to drink or tea with mint from the garden.

Joining Angie in the Mean Bean Challenge will be Suzy and John Packer, Roger Worthington, Kirsty Hammond and Julie Wheeler.

Visit to donate to Angie’s cause.

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