'We are passionate about involving young people in planning'

Sidmouth Group Night Ideas

Sidmouth Group Night Ideas - Credit: Emily Sethi

As we prepare to transition young people back into Sidmouth Youth Centre Online, we are reminding ourselves of the ideas that we collected from them last term.
Each term we spend time with our youth groups, asking them what they would like to do; we then use these ideas to plan a session by session curriculum. Young people have wonderful ideas, full of creativity and originality, and of course are the absolute experts in what they want to spend their time doing.
As a youth service, we focus on eight areas of Personal Development; Teamwork, Confidence, Communication, Resilience, Management of Feelings, Healthy Lifestyle, Leadership and Relationships. The way we deliver these, and the activities that we use to encourage conversations on these topics and fun and laughter into the space are led by the young people themselves.
Last term, one thing we took from this ideas-gathering session was the young people’s keenness to focus on the new skate park, and their involvement in the launch event later in the year. Creativity was also a key theme of the discussion, specifically learning how to make something themselves. We worked with one of our wonderful volunteers, Angie Carnie, to deliver some sewing sessions, and the young people designed and created their own phone cases. Which they loved!
As a team, we are passionate about involving young people in planning what we do, and we prioritise this in our work. We are keen to develop this aspect of our delivery, working alongside and learning from Young Devon’s wider Participation team to advocate young people’s voice across the community.
We have recently consulted with young people on the plans for the new local play parks, and in our role within the Sidmouth WHAT (Wellbeing & Mental Health Action Team) initiative we have worked to design a survey to ask young people about mental health services and asking for help.
If you know a young person who would like to join our Sidmouth Youth Centre Online sessions please visit our Facebook group @SidmouthYouthCentre. We’d love to hear from you!

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