Skatepark still needs cash despite last-ditch agreement

Despite a major agreement reached last week Ottery’s skatepark is still in the balance as it could once again fall short of the cash it needs.

After crisis talks between Ottery Skate and BMX Park Trust and supplier GBH reached a positive outcome to supply the ramps for the park, there was a warning funding still needs to be found.

At Monday’s Ottery Town Council meeting Elli Pang from the trust thanked the Mayor and other councillors for their support in arranging the meeting with Greg Howe of GBH, and finally getting the project going again.

But she warned despite the situation over the park’s ramps seeming sorted, there is still a shortage of funds for full completion of work on the site itself, and the trust is looking for any help it can get.

The Ottery Carnival Committee has helped recently to put up more than 50 fence posts around the site, but contributions in terms of building materials and labour with Sainsbury’s contractors Kier did not materialise.

Elli said the students of The King’s School continue with ongoing fundraising activities, and maintain enthusiasm for the skatepark despite the delays with the project.

But the trust is once again asking local businesses and the public to contribute to enabling the young people of Ottery and surrounding villages to finally have their skatepark.

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They added: “As well as any financial contributions, which would be most welcome, we also seek offers of help with fencing and gates (materials/ labour), landscaping work (earthmoving/ levelling), hedgecutting (equipment/ labour), planting trees and grassing areas (turf and/or labour).”

If you can help in any way to see the skatepark come to fruition contact Elli Pang on 01404 812268 or email

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