Snow plough frees snowed in Sidmouth residents

Devon County Councillor heads pleas by Sidmouth residents cut off by snow

WOOLBROOK residents, cut off by the snow last week, were freed by a snow plough and gritting lorry, courtesy of Devon County Council.

Resident Graham Sales took these before and after photographs as the snow was cleared.

He had contacted Sidmouth County Councillor Stuart Hughes to complain about the state of the estate and lack of grit bin.

Residents in other areas, including Summerfield, Manstone Lane and Bramble Close, also got the snow plough treatment. One, Douglas Smith, emailed Stuart to say thank you.

“Thanks for the Christmas present - the neighbours and I are over the moon - gritter box delivered this morning. We have done down to Summerfield and half way up Manstone Lane and finished off the close - hopefully this afternoon evening people will be moving again.”

Stuart has now bought a total of eight grit bins, at �300 each, for Sidmouth housing areas with his locality budget from DCC. The latest were sited at Coreway and Bramble Close last week.

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“The gritters went along Sidford Road up Manstone Mead/Manstone Lane to Summerfield, then up Summerfield through to Newlands Close back to Sidford Road,” said Stuart, who also arranged for bags of grit to be delivered to Bramble Close.