Solar lights stolen in Sidmouth and other news

Thieves made off with solar lights from a property in Brownlands Close, Sidmouth. Read this and more.

THIEVING FORD: Sidmouth’s ford has been blamed as a major culprit when it comes to a specific crime statistic.

Figures show reported thefts from vehicles, logged between August 2011 and August this year, remained the same at 28 when compared to the previous 12 months.

“The ford is the biggest offender,” said Sergeant Andy Turner. “People report their number plates missing and six months later we find them washed up at the bottom of the ford.”


REMEMBRANCE: The Poppy Appeal commenced in Sidmouth on Saturday.

If anyone would like to volunteer, buy a cross or one of a limited number of wreaths, contact Sue Pink on 01395 515495.

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The appeal runs until November 10.


SOLAR STRIFE: Thieves made off with solar lights from a property in Brownlands Close, Sidmouth, between 5pm on October 13, and noon on October 14.

Contact police on 101, crime reference: KS/12/538.


GET NOTICED: Road users in Devon have been urged to stay safe by “getting noticed”.

As winter nights draw in, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders are being urged to wear reflective and fluorescent clothing to ensure they are seen on the county’s roads.

Drivers are also asked to be cautious and look out for all other road users, especially at night and when visibility is limited.

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