Solar panels hope for Stowford centre

STOWFORD Community Centre leaders hope installing 40 solar panels on the venue’s roof will save the hub �1,700 a year.

They hope to pump the cash back into the venue and boost community facilities if plans become a reality.

The project last week won the support of the centre’s town council landlords.

Jan Jones, vice chairman at the centre, said the panels would allow the directors to sell power back to the National Grid and use the money saved on community activities.

They will apply for grants to pay for the installation.

They also hope to have a display unit installed to show how much electricity is being generated at the time – which will be available as an educational tool for schools and the public.

Directors had to ask Sidmouth Town Council for permission to take the project forward.

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Members supported the scheme when they met last Monday.

Councillor John Hollick said: “Here we are talking about this wonderful community centre. Why wasn’t it (solar panels) done when it was built?”

He was told by colleagues that funding wasn’t available at the time.

Cllr Christine Drew said: “It’s the way to go. It’s going to look good and will be done sympathetically. I don’t see anything wrong with going ahead with this.”