Something’s fishy! Gardeners’ surprise garden find

A conger eel was discovered in a garden in Peak Hill, Sidmouth

A conger eel was discovered in a garden in Peak Hill, Sidmouth - Credit: Archant

Gardeners were amazed to find what they believe to be an eel, measuring two feet in length, in a garden in Sidmouth.

Employees from the Halcyon Landscapes Garden Design Company in Seaton discovered the snake-like predator near Peak Hill last Friday.

After an internet search, the two men believe that the creature was a conger eel.

The conger eel is native to the British Isles and prefers to live in rough ground. It can grow to a maximum of three metres in length, weighing 250 to 350lbs.

The men believe that the eel, which was dead, had been caught by a predator before being left or dropped in the middle of the lawn.

Editor’s note: it has also been suggested that the creature may be a dog fish - what do you think? Contact

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