Songs of love in Sidmouth

THE second concert of the Sidmouth Music season features mezzo-soprano Karina Lucas, pictured right, singing songs of love.

Karina will be accompanied on the piano by Simon Lane, pictured, in a programme encompassing a range of composers to make a statement on the complexities of love.

The opening sequence, from Haydn’s cantata Arianna a Naxos portrays the effects of ingratitude and infidelity. Ariadne, having helped Theseus escape the labyrinth, finds herself abandoned by him, and in the four pieces expresses her emotions – from yearning for his return to wishing for the release of death.

The second set of four songs is very different in origin. Written in 1965 by pianist and composer Felix Lavilla, the four Basque songs reflect the rhythm and flavour of the area.

Each of the six songs which form the 6 Lieder of Grieg’s Opus 48 set deals with some aspect of love including the unrequited yearnings of a young man for the girl who fails to notice him and the nightingale singing of the embracing couple below. Rather than being in Grieg’s native Norwegian the set comprises settings of German poetic texts from different authors, and was dedicated to Swedish soprano Ellen Nordgren.

German poet Friedrich R�ckert was the inspiration for a set of five songs from Gustav Mahler, including a personal love song from the composer to his wife Alma.

The recital closes with a set of five songs from Richard Strauss. He explores the joy he felt after his own marriage, the nostalgia and hope of a reflection on an old love, and the sadness of an appeal for rest for a tormented soul.

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The concert is tomorrow at 7.30pm at Knowle Council Chamber. Tickets are �12, available from Paragon Books, Sidmouth High Street. Call Hugh Sutherland on (01395) 514618 for more information or visit