Sparkler spotted over Sidmouth

SOMETHING resembling “a giant sparkler” has been spotted in the night sky over Sidmouth.

The object caught the attention of All Saints Road resident Peggy Watt as she was closing the curtains in her spare bedroom on August 24. Sparkling in the distance, the spherical object got faster as it got closer, and moved off toward Blackmore Gardens.

“I wasn’t imagining it and I hadn’t had a drink,” said Peggy, 83. “It was like a giant sparkler, or dandelion, and completely silent.

“I rushed to the other side of the house to see if I could catch it, but it had gone.”

She is keen to know if anyone else saw it, or knows what it could be.

“I’ve no idea what it was, and can’t even think what it could be, but someone else might know,” she said.

This isn’t Peggy’s first sighting - she once saw something in the sky while on holiday in Cornwall.

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“I called RNAS Culdrose and they said it was probably a helicopter, but it wasn’t anything like that,” she said.

Did you see the object over Sidmouth, or know what it might have been? If so, call the Herald on (01392) 888499.