Sparky is set free

HAVING been released from police custody, a rogue Sidbury scarecrow is planning his next adventure.

Known as Sparky, he first caused concern when spotted leaning over a bridge in Sidford. Just 24-hours later he was seen climbing a tree in Woolbrook Road, clutching a bottle of cider. That’s when Sidmouth police took him in for being drunk and disorderly. A Facebook page entitled Free the Sidbury One was set up to try and clear his name.

After a short spell in the cells, the 6ft 6in tearaway, dressed in high-visibility yellow jacket and trousers, was handed over to his creator Kym White, of Pound Close, Sidbury.

Kym had made the scarecrow for Sidbury Fair Week, and Sparky’s been a-wandering ever since. Kym’s aim is to keep the scarecrow-spotting going as long as he can.

“It’s just for a laugh, he’s going to keep dispappearing,” said full-time fireman Kym, 42, who runs a property maintenance firm. “The police have my business card so ,whenever he goes walkies, they can call me.”

After relaxing in a phone box for a while, Sparky has headed up on the roof. And it’s likely he’ll be joined by his twin and girlfriend in the near future.