Speed probe on Sidmouth roads

POLICE have revealed the results of a string of covert surveys carried out in response to concerns over speeding motorists in Sidmouth in 2011.

Residents contacted the constabulary voicing fears over the issue – often a contributory factor in crashes – throughout the year.

“Sidmouth is not immune to road accidents and poor driving,” said Sergeant Andy Turner.

“Officers take all complaints very seriously.”

Sgt Turner said members of his neighborhood policing team were deployed to various roads and used several methods – including hand held radar devices and illuminated detection signs - to monitor the speeds.

“In as many cases as possible, the complainant was offered the chance to attend and witness the procedure,” said Sgt Turner.

He has produced a snapshot of details recorded at a number of sites.

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Some of the work was carried out in partnership with Devon County Council’s highways department.

Recording devices utilised “were mainly used in a covert manner to give a true and accurate result”, said Sgt Turner.

Observation sessions carried out over several days revealed:

• At various spots and junctions along Sid Road, between 10.20am and 12.50pm, the average recorded speeds ranged from 24mph to 28mph.

• At various places in Sidford High Street on the A3052, between 9.15am and 3.30pm, the average speed ranged from 31mph to 33mph.

• In Cotford Road, Sidbury, from 2.30pm to 3.30pm, the average speed was 24mph.