Speeding concern over Tipton stretch

SPEEDING motorists in two troublesome spots on Ottery s outskirts continue to alarm residents, who have called for action to be taken.

SPEEDING motorists in two troublesome spots on Ottery's outskirts continue to alarm residents, who have called for action to be taken.

Villagers in Tipton St John are hopeful a similar approach to that taken by police on a problematic West Hill stretch will clamp down on drivers travelling at dangerous speeds through Coombe Cross.

The deployment of a mobile speed camera on the B3180 in West Hill in recent months has seen a "considerable amount" of drivers caught exceeding the 30mph limit say police.

They now plan to monitor the Coombe Cross patch on Sidmouth Road, which links Ottery to The Bowd Inn.

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PC James Tyrrell said: " The Safety Camera Detection Unit will use speed data recording equipment to monitor the road. If the perceived problem is correct they will come down in a marked van and start to prosecute."

Tacye Graves, 45, has lived on the road for 11 years and several of her cats have been killed on it. She said: "Every day you hear breaks squealing, the fact there are not more accidents is amazing. Its really dangerous and an issue for everyone who lives along here."

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"Visibility is often blocked when we come out of our drive onto the road. People are hammering along there, it is a risk every time I pull out. You just have to go for it and hope for the best. On the school run I usually get my husband to stand in the road to tell me its clear."

"A couple of years ago I was outside talking to my neighbour, a car came down too fast, lost control and the trailer it was towing jack-knifed and landed on my husband's bonnet right in front of us. I hate to think what may have happened if we were closer.

"They (police) have said they are coming to do it and it should definitely be done. Even if they don't catch anyone it sends out the message they are watching."

PC Tyrell said some drivers treat the B3180 in West Hill, which has seen two fatal accidents in three years, "like a racetrack".

Councillor Ray Bloxham added: "A lot of people have been caught and there have been quite a lot of accidents. Junctions for both West Hill and Bendarroch Roads meet that stretch. Visibility is not particularly good and people do zip down it."

"It (a speed camera) is always a deterrent, unfortunately its the only form some people respond to, a hit in the pocket or points on their license."

Earlier this month Alfington residents agreed to set up a "Traffic Action Committee" in a bid to address worries over traffic speed and volume on the main road through the village.

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