Speedy spotted but gets away

Tortoise too quick for residents of sheltered housing complex.

SPEEDY the tortoise has been spotted, but he was too quick for the residents of a sheltered housing facility and is still on the run looking for his own sheltered accommodation.

He went missing last Tuesday from his home in Ascerton Close where he was being looked after by Stella Knapman.

The adventurous tortoise was reportedly spotted at Sanctuary Sheltered Housing in Temple Gardens.

Mrs Knapman said: “I have no idea where he is. They can travel a long way so he may not be in the local area – he could be anywhere in Sidmouth.”

Speedy, who is a school pet at Bowhill Primary School in Exeter, has left behind his brother Dusty who has been pining for his companion.

The teacher added: “He has not been eating a lot since.”

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Mrs Knapman is urging residents to keep their eyes open for Speedy, aged seven.

She added: “If it’s a warm and sunny day, he is likely to be walking across somebody’s garden, but if it is cold, wet or damp, he may be hiding. Just keep an eye out in your gardens for any sign of him.

“He will burrow down in the soil, but not totally covering himself so you can see the top of his shell.”

Mrs Knapman has been putting out bananas in the hope of tempting Speedy back.

She said: “He is a bit of a Houdini and is very good at escaping.

“He’s adventurous and very good at climbing, and is probably the more adventurous of the two tortoises.”

If you have spotted Speedy call the Speedy Hotline on 01392 888485 or call Stella Knapman on 01395 514470.